So I graduated! I don’t have an abundance of spare time, but I do have enough to finally start working on this again. Over the last couple of weeks I have weeded out all of the major problems that had arisen due to neglect of the site. I also updated some things so that the process of navigating though the work might be a little easier and more flexible. I have only added a minimal amount of new content, but more is to come in the very near feature, and a lot more will follow with time.

Temporarily, videos will only be accessible through the individual project pages. The about page needs some major work. And this blog may also get a little revamp. It’s almost a real website!

If you want to help slow down the progress I have been making on the site, and if you know of available jobs….I’m actually working a lot right now, having fun, learning, and keeping busy (but I’m not kidding about the job).

So I’ve been making some progress on this site and imagine the bare bones of it will all be up within a handful of days. I expect that the site will continue to evolve over the coming weeks, and I suppose, months. At the moment I only have one or two things that I am working through to make the site reasonably organized, but I’ve done all of the necessary troubleshooting for the bulk of what is left.

I’m expecting that the site will essentially have about a dozen galleries that display projects I have worked on. Other tabs will be combinations of those projects in the form of images, videos, etc. I’m undecided if there will be less related material here as well (like the videos I make for fun, my personal photography, or 3d printing services).

The blog might turn out to be used more than I had originally anticipated because it is a good outlet for me to think through, and document, my thesis work. We will see how all of this turns out, but this is a good test for the first blog post.