So I graduated! I don’t have an abundance of spare time, but I do have enough to finally start working on this again. Over the last couple of weeks I have weeded out all of the major problems that had arisen due to neglect of the site. I also updated some things so that the process of navigating though the work might be a little easier and more flexible. I have only added a minimal amount of new content, but more is to come in the very near feature, and a lot more will follow with time.

Temporarily, videos will only be accessible through the individual project pages. The about page needs some major work. And this blog may also get a little revamp. It’s almost a real website!

If you want to help slow down the progress I have been making on the site, and if you know of available jobs….I’m actually working a lot right now, having fun, learning, and keeping busy (but I’m not kidding about the job).